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Bruce Lee challenged many Martial Arts that he thought was too classical and not practical.    

 Little did he know, Joe Rogan  and the band wagon, would do the same to many Arts, including the Art Bruce Lee loved, -Wing Chun.

Many things seen as glorious, sometimes also attract those who want to exploit it by criminal aims, to those faking it.  Many opportunists can take any name, that was not given but proof is their fruits and association.

Some put on a Bruce Lee yellow  track suit with black strips and expect Bruce Lees hard work, his reputation and their mimic acting, would do all the winning for them.

Some exploit a name to make themselves just as important if not more, than the proven and chosen. What do they do in return, is sadly nothing to make any Art look good.

Many claim Bruce Lee, but reality, Bruce Lee never reciprocal claimed the many, if  any, of  the self proclaimed.

Ip Man was claimed by Bruce Lee, as his only Master  Teacher and Sifu Kung Fu Parent and he did not claim anyone else.

 Ip Man claimed Bruce Lee as one his students and friends.